On this website our aim is to provide an effective way to Hack and generate items to improve your game-play and enjoyment. Over 100 million people play games every single day and most of them don’t have extra cash just to spend it on virtual items. Only here you will have the option to get all the stuff for your favorite games and never have to worry again about spending huge amount of money just so you can enjoy games.

Feature-rich online generators for everyone and we are looking forward to provide even more stuff in future like guides and map-hacks.

So far we did build more  hacks and we know there are still a lot of games that don’t have online generators for them and we are open to any suggestion what to develop next. Our generators are mostly for the most important items in the games we do make them for so if you are expecting something like speed or super jump hack then sorry we aren’t doing those. We just don’t think those features are really that important for people since most of the time they just want gold or diamonds etc. At android-fr.info , we allow users to use our hacks for now if they can prove they aren’t using bots or scripts.

We are always looking how to improve our online generators and hacks. We can’t promise that every generator will work 100% of time, but we are doing our best to make it happen so if something doesn’t work please come back later and check it out again. It would really help us if you would like and share our hack since more people using them will make it much more worth doing.

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